Zanderköder Low Action – German Fighter

Zander bait Low Action - Electro chicken

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Product information about Zanderköder Electro chicken (UV-active)

  • Aroma: fishy smell
  • Target fish: cod, catfish, pikeperch
  • Lure length: 14 cm
  • Weight: 20 g (per bait)
  • Matching jighead: 5/0, 6/0
  • Made in Germany

Soft lure bait in double colors

This low action fishing lure is a real eye-catcher due to its coloring - for humans and target fish. The two colors ensure that the bait can be used in different light and weather conditions. The light green can be used in clear water and good weather just as well as in cloudy water. The bright green, on the other hand, shines unmistakably in the dark or in bad weather conditions . Thanks to the integrated glitter and the UV-active color, you never lose sight of the bait and it is also an extremely attractive prey for your target fish.

High quality low action zander bait from VIP Bait

The 14 cm long rubber baits for pike, perch, cod and other predatory fish are characterized by their large paddle tail , which gives the bait a slight drive when jigging and generates pressure waves. These trigger the hunting instinct of the target fish. In addition, all VIP Bait baits have a special fish flavor that no predatory fish can resist. The transition from the body to the tail is reinforced with these baits so that no too large and hectic movements and scare off your target fish.

The quality softbaits from our company are also free from toxins and harm neither nature nor you. They are suitable for various fishing techniques, such as spin fishing .

Rely on quality when fishing. Order your pikeperch bait in Electro chicken online now!