Successful fishing with rubber baits

A fishing trip without a catch is nice too, but it gets even better when you end up with a big fish on the line. Our rubber baits, which are suitable for a wide variety of bodies of water and are guaranteed to attract the attention of the fish , will help you with this. Choose the right bait for your project from different colors and sizes and enjoy your success in the end - and that environmentally friendly and sustainable. Discover your soft baits online at now!

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Soft baits - High Action & Low Action for different fishing techniques

Clearly, well-stocked baits belong in every fishing box. Soft baits come closest to real prey in terms of their nature and, above all, movement. Due to the soft material, they are very flexible and move naturally in the water , driven by the waves. The softbaits are easy to roll and fold. This way, even smaller fish can pick up the bait in their mouths.

From a purely visual point of view, the rubber fish - also called shads - look the same except for the color. Their shape is based on small fish and thus attract larger fish such as pikeperch, pike or perch as possible food. And yet there are small differences to consider when choosing bait.

Action Shads

The so-called action or high action baits have a shovel tail and move more intensely in the water so that they look like real, living fish. They use it to bait other predatory fish. The Action Shads are particularly popular in the warm months of spring and summer when the fish are active. These soft baits attract the attention of other target fish as soon as they are retrieved.

Low Action Shads

These artificial lures are characterized by the fact that they do not have a strong swing in the water and are also often used for fishing in the rather cold, calm months . Since the fish also operate on the back burner in the winter months , a lot of agitated bait would be more of a deterrent. The Low Action Shad must be moved by the angler himself, for example by Jiggen , in order to be interesting for the target fish.

Choose the right rubber bait for different bodies of water

Depending on the body of water, it is crucial which color you choose for your soft bait:

  • Signal colors such as green, yellow or pink: cloudy and deep water + cloudy, gray sky
  • Neutral colors like white or gold: sunny weather + clear water
  • Dark colors like brown: twilight + darkness

At VIP Bait you also have the option of choosing two-colored rubber fish baits to create an even greater contrast to the environment and thus attract more fish. Make your choice and stock up on enough different softbaits in different sizes for the next fishing trip. Order your soft bait now!

Buy high quality artificial bait from VIP Bait

As nature lovers and long-time anglers, we know what this particular hobby is all about. It was important to us to create high quality products that are both sustainable and environmentally friendly . All VIP Bait products are made in Germany and are subject to the strictest controls. The materials that we use for the production of our soft baits are absolutely free of toxins . In addition, they are particularly robust and therefore suitable for repeated applications . With a scent attractant that is worked into the bait, your bait will not be able to withstand any fish.

You can also benefit from our fast shipping and the various payment options when placing your order. We do not have a minimum order value. In our blog we also inform you about the latest trends and news about fishing . Rely on reliability and quality in your hobby. Order your soft bait online at now!