High Action Shads

High Action Shads - for a good catch

Whether beginner, advanced or professional - when it comes to fishing, everyone will agree when it says: A successful fishing trip does not necessarily have to be accompanied by many caught fish. Nevertheless, everyone is happy when the fish bite particularly well. In order to support your sense of success, we offer you a large selection of Action Shads in our online shop, with which you will magically attract your target fish. Available in various colors - single-color as well as double-colored - you are on the safe side with the rubber baits from VIP Bait. Order your Action Shads online now!

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It is easier to catch with action bait

Fishing is known to be a quiet endeavor in which humans come to rest. He should move as little as possible in order to lure the fish out of their hiding places and bait them. Especially when you fish from a boat, you don't want to scare off your target fish with strong vibrations. This is exactly where it is of great advantage if the rubber bait attracts enough attention with minimal movement and stimulates the predatory fish's hunting instinct.

High Action Shads are designed to resemble the natural prey of predatory fish , such as pikeperch, cod and pike, and are particularly attractive to them. Their shovel-like tail has two different functions: On the one hand, the rubber fish look so confusingly similar to real small fish. On the other hand the elastic tail drives the rubber bait with wave-like movements without the angler having to do much.

Especially in the warm summer months the target fish are very active and can be lured by quick, jerky movements in the water . High Action Shads are also very practical for still waters with little to no swell, as they are very flexible and active . Discover the right bait for your fishing trip in our shop and enjoy your catch!

Action Shads bring movement into the water

Unlike Low Action Shads , the material of the high action bait is quite thin in the transition from the body to the tail and therefore very flexible. This makes the rubber bait particularly agile . They are available in our online shop in a size of 9 cm.

Choose from the various colors the right one for your project . Depending on the weather and the body of water, you can get better results with the right paint. Our rubber fish are UV-active and thus remain clearly visible even in cloudy water and gray skies - for people and fish. The softbaits from VIP Bait are also characterized by the following properties:

  • integrated fragrances to attract the target fish
  • particularly soft material
  • free from toxins
  • environmentally friendly
  • sustainable, multiple use
  • Made in Germany

Rely on quality when fishing and contribute to environmental awareness through sustainability. Order your High Action Shads now on vipbait.de!

Fish successfully with the rubber baits from VIP Bait

Our company stands for quality from Germany . The handmade artificial lures from our company are all tested for their safety and environmental friendliness and are particularly sustainable due to their multiple use. Discover trendy colors in our online shop, such as the rubber fish Zander Crazy Lemon Chartreuse or the rubber fish Zander Evil Orange , and score with the right color choice on your fishing trip.

Benefit from our secure payment methods and fast shipping when you order in our shop. Subscribe to our newsletter and have a look at our blog for the latest information and trends on the subject of fishing . If you have any questions about our range, you are welcome to write to us using our contact form . We look forward to your inquiry.

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