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Getting a fishing license - everything you need to know

In Germany, fishing in public waters is only allowed with a fishing license - also known as a fishing license. This can be issued by the Fisheries Authority . Fishing without this permit can be associated with very high penalties, because by taking the angling test, the state ensures that anglers know how to deal with the environment and the animals . In this article you will find out everything you should know about the exam, where to take it and what costs are associated with it!


  • Why do I need a fishing license?
  • What do I have to do to get a fishing license?
  • How does the fishing exam work?
  • Online exam preparation course
  • Face-to-face classes
  • Fishing test
  • Have your fishing license issued
  • What does the fishing license cost?

Why do I need a fishing license?

In Germany there is a strict order in fishing - as in so many other areas. To fish you need a license with which you are authorized to fish in public waters. Wild fishing is hardly allowed anywhere in Germany. With the acquisition of a fishing license you take an examination that you are familiar with fishing and that you can catch the animals properly . In addition, you show that you are familiar with the tools you are using (which baits are suitable where) and also understand which places you are allowed to go fishing and which are not.

The fishing license is a matter of the state in Germany. This means that each federal state determines which fishing rules apply. In terms of , the requirements for the test also differ. Caution is also advised if, for example, you are on vacation in another state and want to go fishing there. Find out beforehand which regulations apply there and whether your fishing license is valid there.

Basically, among other things, you will learn the following for the fishing license:

  • What fish are there in the local waters?
  • When can they be fished? When are they closed?
  • Which fish are protected?
  • How is the correct handling? How do I kill the fish right?
  • What is forbidden?
  • How do I know where I can fish?
  • Which authority do I contact with certain concerns?

In terms of content, the provisions can, as already mentioned, differ. The process of exam preparation and the exam itself can also differ greatly.

What do I have to do to get a fishing license?

In order to get your fishing license, you should definitely first attend a preparation course . Experience shows that up to 90% fail the exam without proper preparation. There are different ways to acquire the necessary knowledge.

Online preparation course for the


Online fishing license courses are very popular because of the number of benefits they offer. You can divide the time as it suits you best . You can call up every topic again and again and look again if you missed something. Depending on the provider, you will find extensive learning materials such as pictures, instructions and videos.

Classroom teaching

In classic face-to-face classes, participation takes place via the bureaucratic route. To do this, you must first find out where preparatory courses are offered and when they will take place. The big advantage is that you can exchange ideas with other participants and always have a contact person should any questions arise.

The disadvantage is, of course, that you first have to register for a course near you. In addition, you are time-bound to the teaching units . The hours you have to attend are also fixed.

Which option you choose is entirely up to you. What is certain is that you should definitely take a course for the fishing exam.

Fishing test

Depending on the federal state and the responsible office, there are only a few fixed dates in the year on which you can take the fishing test. Therefore, you should inform yourself well in advance and arrange your preparation course in such a way that you are through it in good time and have all the documents.

During the actual fishing test, 60 multiple-choice questions have to be answered. How many must be prepared beforehand varies from state to state. The questions come from the following areas:

  • General ichthyology
  • Special fish knowledge (including fish pictures)
  • Hydrology
  • Animal welfare, nature conservation and environmental protection
  • Fishing and equipment knowledge
  • Fishing rights

In addition to theory, practice is often added. Here the identification of fish can be queried on the basis of pictures, the assembly of fishing rods or the demonstration of the properly killing of fish. Most federal states, however, do not require a practical test.

The exam itself can be repeated as often as you like if you fail it the first time.

Have a fishing license issued

If you have successfully passed the test, you will receive a certificate for having passed the fishing test . You can now apply for the actual fishing license . You can usually get it directly from the city administration or it will be issued by the responsible office. The document contains your picture and other information about yourself, which will be coordinated with your ID or passport in advance.

From now on you must always have your fishing license with you when you fish in order to be able to identify yourself. Especially if you fish in public waters without being able to show a fishing license, you run the risk of unnecessary fines.

What does the fishing license cost?

The costs for a fishing license vary, again depending on the state. You will generally have to pay the following costs:

  • Costs for the preparation course
  • possibly Costs for teaching materials
  • Examination fee
  • Issuance of the fishing license
  • Fishing taxes

Depending on how long your fishing license should keep its validity , you also pay a higher fee. You can have the certificate issued for life or for 5 years.

Cost overview for further information

Do you have any other questions about fishing licenses or fishing in general? We will be happy to answer them - just contact us !

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